Ride without Reason

How far to go

Past aluminum, beyond carbon? Even skipping steel? When you think about it, do you feel that your bike is better than you, that you are trying to match it when you ride?

An extension of your bike

Only what you need, and nothing you don't. Space for the best tires. Mounts for excellent brakes and a few other things. Bare metal where you can see it from the saddle.

E3 Harelbeke

Did you root for Sagan? He had no legs when Kwiatek attacked 300m from the line. Only 1130W and @petosagan again had to watch how someone took his hard work and ran with it

Concealed Hardpoints

In the rear triangle - on the inside of the seat stays and under the brake bridge. We supply the Ti6Al4V hardware with your frame


You don't even need that much, 35mm is plenty. No need to ask us for a tire recommendation, we won't shut up about how they are really more important than the frame material anyway


Why do you ride?

Do you need a reason? Justification?

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Pretend You're Ok